Foz do Iguassu City

For the first time, the ISRM congress will be held in South America. We invite you to attend the most important meeting of the Rock Mechanics and know the natural beauties of Brazil in 2019!

Foz do Iguassu is ideally located in the far west of Parana state, on the tri-point border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, in the geographical center of Mercosul. Its ethnic and cultural diversity gives the city a rich and varied cosmopolitan feel.

One of the most important attractions and one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Iguassu Falls are located along the section of the Iguassu River that forms the border between Brazil and Argentina. The falls stretch for 18 km before the Iguassu flows into the Paraná River. At that point, a drop in the earth’s surface creates waterfalls some 65 meters high, and 2,780 meters wide, most of which (1,900 meters) occupies Argentine territory. Depending on the flow of the river, the number of falls varies from 150 to 300 with heights of 40 to 82 meters. The Iguassu Falls discharge at a rate of around 1.5 million litres of water per second during normal periods.

Just 38 km away from the falls, is one of the seven wonders of engineering, the Itaipu Binacional Hydroelectric Plant. Responsible for almost 20% of Brazil’s electricity consumption and more than 90% of Paraguay’s, Itaipu Binacional is gigantic in every sense of the word, comprising a dam 7,919 meters in length and 196 meters high, the equivalent of a 65-storey building. It offers day and night tours, being possible to experience the perfect harmony between nature and manmade constructions.


Cuisine throughout the world is well represented in Foz do Iguassu. Refinement, quality and sophistication are present in the kitchens of large international hotels, charming restaurants and steakhouses (churrascarias). Always recognizing Argentinian wines and also tradition of the best cuts of beef.


Macuco Safari
An adventure trip along the Iguassu River, taking tourists to within a few meters of the spectacular waterfalls.

Bird Park
A zoo specializing in birds, where visitors are allowed to enter the aviaries and come into direct contact with over 900 birds, many of them in risk of extinction.

Itaipu Lake
One of the world’s largest artificial lakes.


The city

Urban: population: 260,000 people
Area: 617.701 km2
Density: 414.5/km2
Language: Portuguese
Atitude: 100 meters above sea level
Relative humidity: 70% (annual average)
Climate: warm tropical climate 22ºC to 35ºC (71.6ºF to 95ºF) in summer, and 5ºC to 21ºC (41ºF to 69.8ºF) in winter.
Official currency: Real R$ (BRL)
Foreign currencies accepted in most outlets: United States dólar (USD), Peso (ARG), Euro (EUR) and Guarani (PYG).
Times Zone: GMT (-3:00).

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