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The beauties of the country are immense, and starting your journey through the capital is a very smart way to get to know all the other places. Santiago, by the way, is in a central region, propitious for later to know other cities. Hot in the summer and cold in the winter, the facility of Santiago is to be strategically located a few hours from the beaches and, at the same time, from the ski resorts.

Attractions in Santiago:

  • Palace of La Moneda in Santiago de Chile - one of the more traditional options of what to do in Santiago in Chile. This beautiful building from the beginning of the 19th century is where the seat of the Chilean government is located, so it is very important for the history of the country. One tip is to try to see the changing guards, which is a very striking moment. It occurs every morning at 10 o'clock.
  • Cerro San Cristóbal - inside the Parque Metropolitano, is a hill with a beautiful panoramic view of Santiago. The mountains and landscapes of the place are breathtaking. To climb you can choose to go by cable car, funicular or even walking. You can also visit the park, where there are many other attractions, such as the city zoo, the botanical garden, among other things.
  • Shopping Costanera Center in Santiago de Chile – it is the largest commercial and business center in Latin America. The food court has a beautiful panoramic view of the city and great restaurants for lunch or dinner. Its tower is also considered the highest in Latin America. In addition to the shops, within the Costanera is one of the most recent and visited tourist spots of Santiago, the Sky Costanera. It is an amazing 360-degree observatory and observatory that sits there at the top of the building (on floor 61) and offers the best view of the city. From there it is possible to observe the streets and even the snow of the mountains of the Andes.
  • Municipal Market of Santiago - is a must see for you in the capital of Chile. There you will find several very good restaurants and a wide variety of fresh foods and spices. However, the market specialty is seafood and fish. So if you want to eat traditional Chilean dishes, we recommend you go there.
  • Cerro Santa Lucía - the park itself is a sea of tranquility in the middle of the city center and inside you will find some very beautiful old buildings. Because of this, Cerro Santa Lucía is great for those who want to take incredible photos. The place is famous because, in addition to its beauty, this is the point where the city of Santiago was founded.
  • Patio Bellavista - It is a great place at any time of day, but at night the place looks more beautiful. There are several bars and dozens of cool restaurants with open tables. The patio is a famous spot among Chileans and tourists, so it is possible to meet people of all ages and nationalities. This is a great option to do the night in Santiago.

Other attractions nearby:

  • Viña del Mar – it is modern and full of new buildings, used mainly like dwelling in the holiday season of the santiaguinos. The town is very charming and has a very frequented edge, as well as several quirky restaurants in its streets. There you can not stop taking a photo on the flower clock, and with an original Moai from Easter Island, stroll along the beach and see Wulff Castle.
  • Valparaíso -  is a seaside town that grew by the port movement, but has a very interesting geography, many hills and a beautiful view of the sea. In this city are the Congress of Chile and the place chosen as dwelling of Pablo Neruda.Valparaíso was once a very sought after city and today is recognized by history, while the nearby Vinã del Mar stands out for its modernity. Tours are frequently sold to both cities by tourist agencies, but you can also meet them on your own, by car or by bus.Because it is a port city, the place shares opinions - there are those who enjoy the ride and there are those who dislike it. Among the attractions of the city are Cerro Concepción, Paseo Gervasoni, La Sebastiana (home of Pablo Neruda), the Maritime Museum, among others.
  • Valle Nevado - About 60km from the capital, is one of the best known ski resorts in the country. To get to know the station, you can go with a rental car, provided there are chains on the wheels, or with day trips, that leave Santiago. At the station itself you can rent clothes and ski equipment, and then have fun on the lifts and ski runs. Go wrapped up and watch the up and down times of the road, which are made at times combined, as they pass cars in only one direction.
  • Concha y Toro Vineyard - Outside the central region of Santiago, but very popular, it is not only the most famous in Chile, but one of the most expressive in the world. The winery offers very famous guided tours, where you can get to know the winemaking process from the beginning to the end. Incidentally, in the final part of the tour there is tasting with right of gift of remembrance.
  • Cajon del Maipo - is a region at the foot of the Andes, about 2 hours by car from Santiago. The place has mountains, small rivers and a very beautiful look, especially when the top of the mountain range is snowy. One of the main attractions of this region, and the strongest reason that brings tourists to this area, is the Embalse del Yeso, a lagoon of greenish water that is escrustrada between the mountains of the Mountain range of the Andes. It is a distant attraction of Santiago, it is well worth knowing, mainly by the look of the lagoon, which is wonderful!


Land of the vastness of the pampas and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, tango and milongas, Patagonian glaciers - Tierra del Fuego - Mendoza wine, Iguazu Falls and an endless number of natural and cultural attractions - for who is traveling, Argentina is one of the most diversified destinations in South America.


  • Casa Rosada - one of the symbols of the country and its exterior painted pink around 1870. It is also possible to make a guided tour (free) inside the building on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There is also the Bicentennial Museum at the back of the building.
  • Plaza de Mayo - It is the political heart of Buenos Aires, a frequent stage of popular demonstrations. Arborized with several benches, this square is usually a resting place for the people who work or live in the region. In front of it leaves the Avenida de Mayo, which leads to the beautiful square of the Congress
  • Caminito - The windows and colorful walls are part of the scenery, an extremely open-air, open-air museum that houses restaurants, souvenir shops and ateliers. The name is due to a tango, whose lyrics are engraved on some walls of the place. The range of souvenirs from trip to alfajores in place is huge.
  • Puerto Madero - revitalized port area and that today has excellent restaurants, is a great tour in Buenos Aires, mainly to know this modern side of the city. Strolling there, take the opportunity to visit Puente de la Mujer and Fragata Sarmiento, which currently functions as a museum.
  • La Bombonera - The beloved Boca Juniors stadium is one of the points that most football fans like to meet. Visits to the museum and to the stadium make it possible to get to know the history of the club, its achievements and have the opportuni


  • Circuito Chico - Best known ride in Bariloche. In it you travel about 60 km from the city center and the famous Llao Llao hotel, built in the 40. Along the way you will going through various attractions and can stop at some of them and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Bariloche. There are several viewpoints and it is possible to climb the Cerro Campanario, which offers the most beautiful views of the region.
  • Cerro Catedral - The main ski area of ​​Bariloche, Cerro Catedral is a must see attraction in winter! The ski resort has dozens of pistes for all levels of snow sports and is guaranteed fun for anyone who is starting to crawl on the ski or for more experienced athletes.
  • Cerro Otto - offers an incredible landscape of Bariloche and the nature of the city. The difference of the place is that at its top is the Rotating Confectionery, which - literally - keeps turning and thus providing different landscapes throughout a meal.
  • Cerro Campanário - is on the banks of the Nahuel Huapi side and is about 1049 meters. The access to the top of the hill is made through a small cable car ride and the view from above is beautiful The tip is to climb well wrapped up, because in winter the cold up there is sharp!
  • Nahuel Huapi Lake - Bariloche is situated on the banks of this lake of blue waters and at the foot of the mountain range; the natural setting is beautiful and worth seeing the rocky chain, often with snow on top.
  • Centrinho de Bariloche - walk through the shops on Miter Street, buy chocolates and take pictures at the Civic Center. Pass through the cathedral, designed by the architect Alejandro Bustillo, the same as the famous hotel Llao Llao. A few meters away is the Civic Center, which is a national historical monument. Besides shops of all kinds, the most important: chocolatiers!
  • Chocolate Museum - Belonging to the Havana factory, the museum explains about the manufacturing process of its products and about the history of chocolate.

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